Our Platform : CMS

The +SAW CMS supports the front end allowing admin users with multiple controls

The dashboard gives admin users a view of the users in the
last 24 hours, top 10 users and total number of users.

Apart from listing video with details, it also allows the admin user to upload videos and also edit video details and playing existing videos. Functionality includes searching, filtering and sorting.

Along with the listing of creators with details, it also allows the admin user to block and unblock creators and also edit details. It also includes searching, filtering, sorting of creators.

It allows the admin users to define the categories on the app and edit details making it customizable to each industry and domain.

Ability to manually accept and reject videos in order to keep the app clean. AI moderation is also available as an advanced tool.

Admin users can add their own sound library for use on the app that are specific to their industries.

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