Our Platform : Mobile SDK

The +SAW mobile SDK can instantly add the power of social to your iOS and Android App.
It’s intuitive and easy to use interface allows users to scroll, create and interact with videos.

Video Feed

The Home Feed with top influencer profiles, an infinite scroll of videos, interactive cards including likes and comments is ever so familiar.

The advanced version comes with AI recommendation for the feed.


It allows users to search their favorite categories,
fresh arrival of videos, creator profiles and find their
favorite content.


Every user has a public profile thus allowing everyone to be a
creator and also a follower. Functions like listing of created videos,
follow/following, edit profile details make it easy to use and
interact with.

Creator Tools

All users can create videos within the app and post it on their profile.
Aiding the creation are camera tools, ability to add sound and music,
add filters and effects. Once the videos are created, the users can trim, edit and upload attractive images from the gallery to share their video posts.They can add a title, description and tag friends to so that videos can be easily discovered.

Login and Settings

Complete signup and sign in functionality and password
management along with ability to change terms and conditions,
privacy policy and other standard functionalities including
notifications are provided.